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Reimagined, Renewed, and Refashioned

Malta is where regulatory innovation and emerging technologies complement each other, creating the right conditions for financial companies, both big and small, to thrive. Add to this a seasoned talent pool, strong language skills, a competitive business environment, and high quality of life, and it becomes clear why investors believe in Malta, its potential, and its future.

Malta is transforming its finance centre and unlocking a wave of new opportunities. The Malta strategy is to out-maneuver incumbent finance centres by harnessing its nimbleness and coupling it with digital financial innovation to deliver new product lines and a path to faster and more sustainable growth.

A booming economy

A booming economy with high GDP growth and record-low unemployment, Malta has emerged as one of the most remarkable success stories in the Eurozone. Recognised for its pro-business attitude, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and modest costs of doing business, it has become the go-to country for growth-minded entrepreneurs and multinational companies. Famous for its 7,000-year history and 300 days of sunshine, three UNESCO world heritage sites, and cosmopolitan Mediterranean island lifestyle, Malta is a melting pot of old and new, local and global, work and play.

With a sophisticated ICT infrastructure that is well connected to the international backbone, a high broadband penetration, and a competitive market with the latest technologies like VoIP, Malta is able to offer the right environment for business.

Globally, the financial services industry is approaching a new digital frontier, and with a keen eye on the future, Malta is taking a fresh look at the sector and has set itself the ambitious target of providing financial firms with a technologically advanced top-tier regulatory and business environment. The clear aim is to be a global player in the regulated digital finance and FinTech space.