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This mini directory provides links to most of the necessary sites and other informative pages for setting up a business in Malta.
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Accountancy Board

Established in 1979 when the Accountancy Profession Act Cap 281 was enacted. We regulate the accountancy profession in Malta.Covers the Code of Ethics for accountants and auditors, proposing regulations for Continued Professional Education, setting up a system of Quality Assurance and conducting disciplinary proceedings on members of the profession.

Capital Transfer Duty (CTD) Department

Part of the Inland Revenue Department. Responsible for the processing of applications by non-residents to acquire immovable property in Malta.

Malta Business Registry

The Malta Business Registry (MBR), established under Subsidiary Legislation 497.27, is responsible for the registration of new commercial partnerships, the registration of documents related to commercial partnership, the issuing of certified documentation including certificates of good-standing among others, the reservation of company names, the collection of registration and other fees, the publication of notices and the imposition and collection of penalties. The Registry also conducts investigations of companies and the keeping of the company and partnership register.

The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry

The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry is the independent voice of the private sector in Malta. Its principal mission is to actively represent companies from all economic sectors and ensure that entrepreneurs enjoy the best competitive environment and regulatory conditions possible for the conduct of business.

Malta Communications Authority

The MCA was established on the 1st January 2001 and is the statutory body responsible for the regulation of the various electronic communications sectors, which include fixed and mobile telephony, Internet and TV distribution services. Furthermore, the Authority regulates two other sectors which are the postal services, as well as the eCommerce sector.

Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority

The Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority (MCCAA) was established to promote, maintain and encourage competition, to safeguard the interests of consumers and enhance their welfare, to promote sound business practices, to adopt and co-ordinate standards in relation to products or services, to regulate such activities and to provide for such matters ancillary or incidental thereto or connected therewith, to provide for the establishment, jurisdiction and procedure of an appeals tribunal, and to make amendments to other laws.

Malta Enterprise

Malta Enterprise is the country’s economic development agency, tasked with attracting new foreign direct investment as well as facilitating the growth of existing operations.

Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA)

The Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) is the single regulator of financial services in Malta. The MFSA regulates the banking, financial institutions, payment institutions, insurance companies, and insurance intermediaries, investment services companies and collective investment schemes, securities markets, recognised investment exchanges, trust management companies, company services providers, and pension schemes.

Malta Philharmonic Orchestra

The National Orchestra of Malta is made up of a nucleus of forty full-time musicians that are supplemented by a number of musicians for particular events.The orchestra was founded in April 1968, when musicians from the defunct “Commander-in-Chief” (C-in-C) orchestra of the Malta-based British Mediterranean Fleet regrouped as the Manoel Theatre Orchestra. It continued to serve as the theatre’s resident orchestra until September 1997, when it became an independent orchestra, taking up the name National Orchestra of Malta. The orchestra became the MPO in 2008 when it expanded into a full-size symphony orchestra, bringing together the best of Maltese talent and musicians from Europe and beyond.

Malta Profile

An information portal on Malta’s economic landscape and investment opportunities that the country offers the global business community.

Residency Malta Agency

Residency Malta Agency is the Government entity responsible for managing and promoting Malta’s residency-by-investment programme. The Agency is consistent in its rigorous efforts to attract quality individuals and families, applying a stringent four-tier due diligence process that ensures the most meticulous of screening. It is based on this ethic, coupled with transparency and integrity that the Agency approaches all its transactions.Boasting an efficient customer service, the Agency’s team liaises with Licensed Agents, to ensure the fastest and smoothest possible processing of applications that only the strictest due diligence allows.

Start in Malta

Start in Malta is a governmental initiative aimed to supercharge the Maltese startup ecosystem in order to be the birthplace of many more startup success stories to come.

For that, we are working on making Malta one of the world’s best places for startups, partnering with and uniting the best of startups, incubators, accelerators, private and public sector.