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Solutions Capital Management SICAV p.l.c.

Stable Return Fund of SCM Sicav plc was selected among the best flexible funds at the Diaman Awards

March 4, 2024

Dear Finance Malta Members,It is with immense pleasure that I convey the news of our sub-fund being selected as a finalist for the Diaman Awards, scheduled to take place this Thursday on the scenic shores of Lake Garda, Italy. One of the few under Maltese law who will participate to the Quant Forum Competition. I thought I'd share this news with you in case it was of interest to the Maltese communityOur sub fund, Stable Return of SCM Sicav plc, was lunched in 2018 with the explicit goal of emulating a banking proprietary trading strategy, primarily focusing on attaining consistent and replicable returns on fixed income markets.In light of the substantial downturn in interest rates during the 2019-2021 period, our strategy underwent slight modifications, gravitating towards the high yield segment while occasionally investing into high dividend stocks. Nonetheless, unwavering vigilance towards mitigating financial risks has remained paramount, enabling the fund to maintain low volatility throughout the years, whilst offering subscribers returns that surpass the industry average within the same sector.Over the past year, our efforts have been concentrated on stringent cost containment measures, deemed indispensable for effective operation within the fixed income markets. Additionally, we have diligently sought out new partnerships, with the aspiration of enhancing our performance in the forthcoming years.We hope to obtain your support by voting for us in the category of Best Flexible Fund (Miglior Fondo Flessibile) .Diaman Awards ( to share with you some statistics published on Bloomberg.Giuseppe SemeranoFounding Board MemberSolutions Capital Management Sicav p.l.c.