Governor - Banking Industry

Karol Gabarretta

Karol Gabarretta is the Secretary General of the Malta Bankers’ Association. Mr. Gabarretta was previously employed by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) as Director, Banking Supervision. Mr. Gabarretta is also a former member of the ECB’s Supervisory Board. Prior to joining the MFSA in 2002, Karol had been employed by the Central Bank of Malta for a period of 23 years. Karol holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and a post-graduate degree in Financial Services from the University of Malta. In 2009, Karol was appointed as Chair of the CEBS’ Task Force on Supervisory Disclosure (TFSD). He has also provided assistance within the EU Commission’s TAIEX program as an Expert on Banking Provisions of Financial Services acquis.