Dear Readers,

As summer approaches, companies shift their focus from an array of outreach initiatives to consolidating the valuable contacts they have made. This transition is no different for FinanceMalta, which has actively participated in several major events over the past few months.

However, our schedule remains packed with an impressive lineup of events both locally and internationally. Highlights include the Sunset Soiree for members at the Hotel Phoenicia on 10 July 2024 where you will be introduced to our new Business Development Manager. Mark your calendars for our upcoming Insurance event on 2 July and our Annual Conference on 28-29 November.

The financial sector continues to show promising growth. The first quarter of this year saw an increase in the number of employees in financial services, and there was a significant rise in gross value added between 2022 and 2023, according to the National Statistics Office.

At the Malta Financial Services Advisory Council, we maintain a fast-paced momentum and look forward to announcing some exciting developments in the coming weeks. We are pleased to report that the study on aircraft leasing has been concluded, allowing us to evaluate and explore new opportunities in this field. Our commitment to supporting the development of capital markets and sustainable finance remains strong, as does our dedication to promoting financial literacy in Malta. The Centralised Identity Management project, led by the MBR, is progressing well, with a call for tender expected soon. Additionally, following the launch of the Notified PIF framework, we anticipate the publication of the framework for Collective Investment Schemes structured as Limited Partnerships without Legal Personality in the coming weeks.

In the insurance sector, training and upskilling in RSPV & Insurance-Linked Securitisation are ongoing, with another event scheduled in London this September. We also aim to expand Malta’s potential in Fintech, a field with high investment returns. It is exciting to witness the excellent collaboration between the industry, authorities, and government to ensure our financial centre remains a leading force in Malta’s economy.

We invite you to delve into the insights included in this newsletter, featuring valuable information about our members and their contributions.

Enjoy the read!

Best regards,

Dr. Bernice Buttigieg
Chief Strategy Officer

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