A welcome note from Ramon Bondin, the CEO of Dolfin Europe, who introduces the company rebrand and presents our new virtual home: dolfin.mt

Dear partners, clients and friends,

Many of you know our company as Dolfin Asset Services Limited. From February 2021, we are pleased to announce our rebrand into Dolfin Europe, and to welcome you to our new virtual home here, on dolfin.mt.

Our core business remains unchanged: Dolfin Europe is an independent financial services provider, with headquarters in Valletta, Malta.

Our range of services include multi-asset execution, custody and depositary solutions – all fully regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority. Our website dolfin.mt will serve as a dedicated space to explain how our solutions work, introduce our team, and share bits of knowledge and expertise on the latest developments in the European financial services sector from us and our colleagues in the sector.

Why ‘Europe’?

We are a European investment platform offering access to a range of best-in-class services to international capital. Our aim is to be the leader of the local business community while providing access to the European market to our clients across the globe. We rely both on our comprehensive in-house infrastructure, as well as a network of reputable service providers in Malta and other parts of Europe.

As we have always maintained, Malta is an ideal location for a global financial company with the focus on the European market, like us, and this is why we’ve been here for the past 5 years. We benefit from the island’s favourable business environment, robust regulations, lower cost base, access to a growing financial ecosystem and a highly educated English-speaking workforce.

Our values

After long discussions together with my colleagues, we realised that our vision can be distilled in three distinct principles: our aim is to be efficient, compliant, and squarely focused on our client needs. Let me explain why we see these three values so vital for Dolfin Europe, and how they define our approach in anything we do.


We conduct research into new technological and financial solutions that provide clients based in Malta and outside of the EU with the best and most seamless experiences. Combined with years of expertise and profound understanding of the sector we make sure that speed, accuracy and flexibility remain our top priorities without compromise to our values.


We follow all European directives and ensure our solutions are fully compliant with all relevant regulations. Our experienced team constantly monitor the legislation covering all major markets in order to guarantee that we are on top of any changes.


We put our clients’ interests in front of everything we do. Our aim is to meet their needs as fast as possible, and ultimately, to facilitate the growth of their business.

Our website is our new platform to share with you our knowledge and expertise, and to provide insights into the latest developments in our industry and adjacent sectors. We are very pleased to offer you our services and experience, and look forward to staying in touch.

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