We get it.

Recruitment is tough. We’d know …

If you are a business needing to hire in Malta, you are facing :

  1. Wage Inflation
  2. Brain drain
  3. Almost full employment, skewing demand vs supply

We don’t have all the answers.


For over a decade, we have perfected the process to help businesses like you achieve a more meaningful, precise, and value-driven recruitment process to help you :

  1. Catch the attention of your target audience, meaning that potential candidates are more likely to engage in a conversation with your business
  2. Run a meaningful, precise, and value-driven process, to create buy-in from the get-go, manage your costs better and generate positive feedback from prospective employees which will help you reduce the number of counteroffers taken and increase the number of potential referrals to your business
  3. Onboard new employees more effectively and engage them early on, helping you to drastically reduce drop out rate within the first year
  4. Position yourself with your unique value add in the market, helping you identify and attract prospective employees that align with your approach

We are committed to raising the bar of professionalism in recruitment and this is why we have launched the online series aimed at businesses in Malta, like yourself, who are struggling to hire or want to make their processes better.

Every month, we will tackle crucial aspects of the process, starting with

Session 1: Back to Basics, taking place on the 9th of May at 10:00 am Live on Linkedin

In this first session, we will cover:

  1. How to identify the skills needed for the role
  2. How to identify and plan for training
  3. KPI’s
  4. Your unique value add as an employer
  5. Structuring the interview process

All of these points are crucial in your recruitment strategy, to help you create a solid foundation to build on further.


Looking forward to e-welcoming you all !