Over the past decade, Zampa Debattista has gone from offering indirect taxation and financial reporting to a whole suite of business advisory services. VAT Leader Brandon Gatt traces this remarkable journey.

Picture: Brandon Gatt, VAT Leader, Zampa Debattista

  • For those who don’t know your company, can you provide some background?

Zampa Debattista was founded in 2014 by Matthew Zampa and John Debattista. Before kicking off their own venture, the partners had accumulated over a decade of experience in accounting and assurance, developing a specialisation – respectively – in indirect taxation and financial reporting.

Since then, Zampa Debattista has grown to a 360-degree business advisory also covering areas such as direct taxation, financial advisory, and assurance.

In 2019, the company launched ZD Academy, an innovative platform offering highly technical courses for accountants and auditors.

Following the merger with Mint Finance in 2022, Zampa Debattista now unites 90+ highly trained and dedicated professionals.

As a member of the Russell Bedford global accounting network, it partners with firms from 100+ countries thus covering any international tax, accounting, and audit needs.

  • Can you share a little-known fact about your company?

At Zampa Debattista, we believe in technical excellence and the continuous development of our people. In this regard, in 2019, we established our own academy – ZD Academy – where we use this platform to push our own people to teach and deliver sessions in their area of expertise. The Academy’s focus is on instilling values of integrity and dedication, coupled with a strong emphasis on technical proficiency.

Today, ZD Academy has expanded its offerings to include a diverse range of CPE courses. These courses cover essential areas such as VAT, direct taxation, financial advisory, ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance), accounting, financial reporting and data analytics. Designed to equip professionals with the latest insights and competencies, these courses reflect our commitment to excellence in the financial sector. At Zampa Debattista, we continue to foster a culture of professional growth and ethical leadership.

  • What are you currently working on and what are your company’s plans and strategic priorities for the coming years?

In recent years, Zampa Debattista has experienced significant growth, a trend that notably continued into 2023 with the expansion of our service offerings. This year, we’ve broadened our expertise to include a range of new services, encompassing transport, ESG consulting, data and digital transformations, technology and internal audit.

While our ambition remains to further expand our reach and capabilities, we are equally focused on ensuring sustainable growth. Our current strategy involves consolidating and strengthening the services we already offer, including those that have recently been introduced. This means not only maintaining the quality and efficiency of our existing services but also being vigilant for new opportunities that align with our vision and expertise.

Our ultimate goal is to establish Zampa Debattista as a comprehensive, specialised advisory firm. We envision ourselves as a one-stop shop for our clients, offering a diverse array of services under one roof, all marked by our commitment to excellence and tailored to meet the evolving needs of the dynamic financial landscape.

  • Are there any projects/achievements of your company that you are exceptionally proud of?

At Zampa Debattista, our greatest pride does not solely lie in conventional successes like client achievements or revenue targets; rather, it’s the unique business structure we have cultivated, primarily focusing on our team members. The loyalty and commitment of our staff towards our firm is something we hold in high regard. Witnessing team members commence their careers in junior roles and progress to significant positions in senior management reflects the nurturing and growth-centric atmosphere fostered within our organisation. Especially in these challenging times for recruitment, our ability to retain key talent stands out as a notable accomplishment.

Equally significant is the culture we have fostered among our employees. We take immense pride in their belief in technical excellence, ethical conduct, and providing value-added service to our clients. This culture not only defines our workplace but also drives our success and differentiates us in the industry.

  • What in your opinion makes Malta an effective jurisdiction to set up a business?

In my opinion, Malta stands out as an effective jurisdiction for setting up a business for several key reasons. Firstly, the Maltese workforce is characterised by its strong work ethic and efficiency, which is complemented by a significant pool of high-skilled professionals. This combination ensures that businesses operating in Malta can rely on a capable and dedicated workforce. Additionally, Malta’s membership in the European Union not only facilitates easier access to European markets but also assures long-term sustainability and growth opportunities. These factors collectively make Malta an attractive and viable location for both start-ups and established businesses looking to expand their horizons.

  • What kind of people/companies in the financial services community you want to connect with?

At Zampa Debattista, we are keen to connect with individuals and companies within the financial services community who share our belief in a ‘growth mindset’. We value partnerships with those who are committed to continuous development and innovation in their fields. In terms of the services we offer, we are confident that we can provide significant value to a diverse range of clients. This includes corporate service providers (CSPs), asset managers, financial institutions, as well as other professionals such as accountants and lawyers. Our aim is to collaborate with entities that not only strive for excellence in their respective areas but also seek to leverage our expertise to enhance their operations and strategies.


Brandon Gatt, a Certified Public Accountant in possession of an ACCA degree, has been in the profession for the past 10 years and has been involved in VAT assignments both within and outside of Malta. Brandon is currently the VAT Leader at Zampa Debattista but will be appointed as Partner as from 1 January 2024.

Brandon is only the second Maltese professional to successfully complete the EU VAT Expert degree, a degree administered and awarded by the VAT Forum, an international partnership of indirect tax specialists, founded in 1999.

Brandon also provides in-house training to established companies within and outside Malta and is also a lecturer with the Malta Institute of Taxation, Malta Institute of Accountants and the ZD Academy. He also lectures for the ACCA Advanced Taxation (VAT). He also forms part of the Malta Institute of Accountants Indirect Taxation Committee.