Offering more than accountancy.

Back in 1993, Andrew Louis Stuart could not have imagined how the accounting and auditing firm he set up in the UK would grow… In 2020, GSI Associates opened in Malta and the services it offers have expanded to a much wider remit.

Picture: Andrew Louis Stuart, Managing Director (UK and Romania), GSI Associates

For those who don’t know your company, can you provide some background?

We are a British-owned and managed company with offices in Malta and London – UK, with staff resources in North Macedonia and Kosovo. We deliver accounting services, outsourcing, advisory, consultancy and support services to businesses locally and abroad; more information can be found on our website:

GSI has around 55 staff in Kosovo and North Macedonia and we are experienced in accounting systems, governance and international consolidations. We have worked with large international companies, providing accounting services in relation to cross border transactions, group reporting and budget analysis as well as compliance work with the UK financial regulator, the FCA.

Can you share a little-known fact about your company?

Our longest client relationship has been ongoing for 34 years and we have many other clients with whom we have worked for over 20 years.

What are you currently working on and what are your company’s plans and strategic priorities for the coming years?

Our plan is to build a greater presence in Malta and to provide B2B services to the financial & legal sectors. In terms of particular projects, we cannot disclose what is in ‘the oven’ but a few great projects are in the making.

Are there any projects/achievements of your company that you are exceptionally proud of?

We are most proud of our fantastically motivated and energetic team who are the bedrock of our imaginative approach to problem solving and client support.

What in your opinion makes Malta an effective jurisdiction to set up a business?

A few factors make Malta an interesting market for us. The services we provide complement the current market needs as we offer additional resources, accountancy support – anything from data entry to complex investigations and forensics, translation services for so many expats and international companies, as well as cyber security for which demand is rising constantly. Not to forget the lovely culture, architecture, and climate that make Malta an irresistible place for work.

What kind of people/companies in the financial services community would you want to connect with?

We would like to connect with companies that are looking to grow, that need support that we can offer. CSPs, law firms and accountancy practitioners are a natural fit for us. However, we have worked with companies from many different industries. We specialise in bespoke solutions, as no two problems are the same.

BIO – Andrew Stuart, Managing Director (UK and Romania), GSI Associates

Andrew combines a traditional, professional approach with an entrepreneurial spirit, always finding solutions to difficult and complex issues.
Andrew is a member of Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales and the Institute of Certified Forensic Accountants but believes that experience is the key to providing good advice. Having worked in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, across many financial disciplines with long standing clients, he can be relied upon as a trusted advisor. Andrew is also managing partner at Logicum, a London firm of Chartered Accountants.