As a result of money laundering and terrorism financing, in the past few years, banking has gone through some drastic changes globally, and this does not exclude Malta from the equation. Although it has become challenging to open a bank account without delays when compared to even just five years ago, a bank account is still instrumental to manage finances, whether you are self-employed or own a small, medium or large enterprise.

Undeniably, the increased local and international regulations in the banking sector gives negativity when it comes to the topic of banking as the processes are very thorough as it has to be ensured that high risk transactions and customers are being avoided.

Meanwhile, such restrictions when opening bank accounts paved way to easier banking. Electronic Money Institutions, also known as EMI’s, are giving the opportunity to individuals to set up a virtual bank account – eliminating the need of visiting the bank and its long processes and procedures to present and sign the necessary documents.

Throughout the past years, we at Fairwinds Management helped a number of companies in the opening of bank accounts. This enabled us to develop close relationships with various EU and non-EU banks as well as EMIs, making the banking process for our clients an easy and efficient task. What do we offer differently? Once a first account is opened, we like to take a pro-active approach and immediately identify and secure an alternative banking solution for your peace of mind.

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