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Griffiths + Associates Ltd

PrimeGlobal Honored To Win In Three Categories At IAB Awards

November 19, 2021

Griffiths + Associates is the sole Maltese representative member firm of PrimeGlobal, one of the top five largest associations of independent accounting firms in the world. And we are pleased to note that membership in PrimeGlobal has been one of the best strategic moves in the firm’s success, with high-quality and strong reputation being key.Unprecedented success – PrimeGlobal Honored to Win in Record-Breaking Three Categories at Digital Accountancy Forum Awards!“These awards recognize our members for leadership in reducing the impact of climate change, creating diverse/inclusive opportunities, and shaping our strategic vision. I am so proud of our members who stand ready to ensure their clients are fit for the future” stated Stephen Heathcote, PrimeGlobal CEO.

‘Communications Campaign Of The Year’

The biggest communications campaign and stakeholder consultation process ‘Strategy 2025’ has been launched, the strategy is based on members’ needs and changing industry trends.“Strategy 2025” consists of an outreach, promotion, and consultation with over 90% of PrimeGlobal member firms and stakeholders – that’s what really makes PrimeGlobal’s strategy unique.A primary goal of this campaign to ensure communication, connection and collaboration of PrimeGlobal’s members, and other professionals within them, so that they thrive, by attracting and retaining their target clients, and delivering the quality advice and services their clients need.

‘Diversity & Inclusion Initiative Of The Year’

The initiative ‘Talent-Diversity Equity and Inclusion’ has been launched, based on feedback received from PrimeGlobal’s member firms and anticipating their needs.PrimeGlobal firmly believes having a strong record of diversity, equity, and inclusion is critical to attract and retain top talent. Diverse and inclusive teams, along with an equitable culture, create a dynamic work environment that inspires creativity and innovation. And PrimeGlobal’s members desire inclusive workplaces that provides the same opportunities for the entire team, no matter their ethnicity, skin color, gender, or religion, and they seek education, thought leadership, expertise, and networking to help them achieve this.And those sentiments resound in our firm; Griffiths + Associates comprises an international team of Maltese, Italians, Spanish, Russians, Romanians, and Polish with a low staff turnover and a cohesive symbiosis among the members of the team.

‘Sustainability Initiative Of The Year’

This is the second year in a row that PrimeGlobal has been awarded Sustainability Initiative of the Year, emphasizing its passion for promoting Environmental Social Responsibility.The Environmental and Social Responsibility Insights initiative has been launched, which have to encourage companies to think about net zero carbon solutions and new business opportunities presented by embracing sustainability initiatives. PrimeGlobal’s insights consists of a dedicated web-based hub of resources, thought leadership, member initiatives and a series of events focused on knowledge sharing and best practices.

What we can add is that these awards recognize the hard work of the Association and its dedication to improving the future of the accounting and advisory profession.PrimeGlobal is the best professional platform for collaboration, in which a global presence enables members to make international connections and learn from diverse viewpoints of professionals from across the globe, ultimately leading to mutual success.