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Bank of Valletta


June 2, 2024

What is that Animal? A Guide to Rescuing Wildlife in the Maltese Islands is the name of the new informative book launched by Nature Trust – FEE Malta in collaboration with Bank of Valletta. The book launch took place on Saturday 11th May at Xrobb l-Għaġin in Marsaxlokk. This was followed by a series of educational tours in the area aimed at promoting awareness and appreciation of the island’s unique biodiversity.What is that Animal?This book is the first of its kind in Malta. In fact it is a comprehensive field guide of local fauna. Designed for both locals and visotirs, it offers detailed descriptions, vivid photographs and insightful information on a wide range of species, from the smallest insects to mammals who call our islands home. Authored by local biologists and conservationists, this book is a valuable resource for nature enthusiasts, educators, and students. Speaking at the launch, Vincent Attard, CEO OF Nature Trust – Fee explained, “A lot of research and dedication went into this project which aims to deepend understanding and foster a greater appreciation for Malta’s native fauna, highlighting the importance of conservation efforts in protecting these species and their habitats.”The Educational ToursOn the day, Nature Trust also hosted a series of educational tours for BOV employees and their families. Participants were taken on guided excusions on the natural reserve at Xrobb l-Għaġin and the coastal area, where they could observe and learn about the local fauna in their natural habitats. Led by experienced naturalists, these tours were designed to be both informative and engaging, providing participants with a hands-on learning experience. They also got to observe the delicate work Nature Trust does with injured animals such as turtles and hedgehogs.The realization of this project was heavily supported by Bank of Valletta, who has been collaborating with Nature Trust – FEE Malta for several years now. “We are delighted to support Nature Trust in this pioneering project,” explained Ernest Agius, Chief Operations Officer at the Bank. “Our partnership reflects our commitment to environmental sustainability and education, and we believe this field guide will have a lasting impact on the community.”For more information about the book as well as to learn more about Nature Trust – FEE Malta, readers are invited to visit their website Nature Trust - FEE Malta ( to learn more, including about the different ways one can support as volunteer.