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FinXP Releases Whitepaper on How Payments Strategy Enables Growth Into New Markets

April 12, 2021

FinXP Ltd., a Malta-based payments and banking fintech company, has published a whitepaper on the crucial role of digitally-native payments when entering into new geographic markets. The paper, titled “Banking on Borderless Payments”, offers readers insights on how to discover new growth opportunities and how to understand the different payment options available when expanding internationally.Reflecting on the insights shared in the whitepaper, Head of Operations at FinXP, Daniela Grioli, stated that “when companies begin to grow their business across borders, they often underestimate the importance of having a payments strategy that allows them to send and receive money efficiently, while at the same time offering a great customer experience. This is why it’s so important for companies to work with a payments partner that will look into their business case and suggest the best payments and banking setup”.The key areas discussed in the whitepaper include:

  • The challenges of growing a business in a globalised world.
  • The problem with legacy payment systems.
  • The benefits of digital payments for global expansion.
  • Various payment methods and banking solutions.
  • How to deliver a customer-oriented experience.

The whitepaper is available online as a downloadable PDF. Readers can gain access to the whitepaper from