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CSB Acting as Security Trustee for Agora Estates p.l.c’s Bond Issue

April 30, 2024

CSB Trustees & Fiduciaries Limited, a licensed Trustee company forming part of CSB Group and regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) in Malta is delighted to be acting as the appointed Security Trustee for Agora Estates p.l.c's 12 million secured bonds, maturing in 2036 (the “Tranche 1 Bonds”), forming part of a €21m Bond Issuance Programme. The bonds, which have been listed on the Malta Stock Exchange on 8th March 2024, have garnered significant interest, as evidenced by oversubscription since trading commenced on 11th March 2024.A ringing of the bell ceremony took place at the Malta Stock Exchange (MSE) on Tuesday 2nd April 2024 to mark the successful listing on the MSE Official List. This event was attended by Agora Estates p.l.c and by Jean-Claude Cardona, CSB Group Operations & Finance Director and Dr Franklin Cachia, Director – Tax & Regulated Industries on behalf of CSB Trustees & Fiduciaries Limited.In its role as Security Trustee, CSB Trustees & Fiduciaries Limited stands as a stalwart guardian of the interests of note holders, who are the valued investors in this endeavour. Tasked with assuming the crucial responsibilities outlined in the issuer's obligations, notably the pivotal commitment to payment on behalf of these esteemed noteholders, our firm acts as a vital intermediary bridging the gap between the noteholders and the issuer. This intermediary role is pivotal, safeguarding the rights enshrined in the trust deed and associated agreements, thereby ensuring the protection and preservation of the noteholders' interests.Contact us here or on for more information.