President: Mr Anthony Cauchi
Vice President: Mr Julian Mamo
Tel: +356 2123 2640
Facsimile: +356 2124 8388
Address: 43A/2 St. Paul’s Buildings, West Street, Valletta, VLT 1532, Malta

The Malta Insurance Association (MIA) is a non-profit-making organisation that represents the views and common interests of all insurance companies in Malta, both indigenous and foreign. Every insurer transacting insurance, whichever its line of business, is eligible for membership within our association.

MIA members offer employment to some 1090 employees. In addition, they are responsible for more than 385 insurance intermediaries, with hundreds more employed in ancillary services such as insurance broking, insurance surveying, risk management, and loss adjusting.

Over the years, the Association has been successful in promoting excellence in service and insurance products hence protecting the common commercial and trading interests of insurers in Malta. The Malta Insurance Association is also relentlessly seeking to facilitate a wider public understanding of local insurance practices and procedures.

MIA is responsible for the implementation of a professional code of conduct within the industry and supports market players to subscribe to such codes of practice. This fosters a healthy business that benefits both the insurer and the insured customer.

The Association provides its members with the opportunity to exchange and analyse external developments and issues relevant to their industry’s well-being. In fact, part of MIA’s mission is to offer training initiatives and events targeting general and specialised lines of insurance business. In this way, the Malta Insurance Association fosters the professionalism that both industry and customers deserve.

MIA’s Mission is to promote a healthy environment for the development of the insurance industry in Malta.

By representing the common interests of insurers that operate in Malta and Gozo, MIA is able to promote, defend and illustrate their views to Government and other bodies that have an insurance involvement.

By focusing on the usefulness of insurance as a means for mitigating losses in daily life, MIA joins together the interests of insurers with those of customers.

MIA believes that a healthy market is sustained by professionalism and excellence. Towards this end, MIA encourages the exchange of information and fair practice, undertakes studies at the request of insurers, and in general advance the views of its members in the public media debate.

MIA considers fairness, transparency, and knowledge as vital guiding principles to its mission. The Malta Insurance Association, therefore, also looks into allegations of incorrect practices and develops overall solutions to common problems.

Finally, MIA’s mission also involves full participation in the activities of the Malta Green Card Bureau, the Motor Insurers’ Bureau, and the Motor Insurance Pool.

The Malta Insurance Association seeks to accomplish its mission by generating a consistent structure for progress within the commercial activities of its members and beyond.